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Welcome to Silver Podiatry

Your Podiatric Specialists

As experienced Podiatrists based in Inglewood, our patients appreciate the warmth, professional integrity, and open communication that define the practice. Our goal is to help patients maintain optimal foot health and mobility, enabling them to live active, pain-free lives. Whether you are dealing with a minor foot issue or a more complex condition, we are dedicated to providing compassionate, effective care that meets your individual needs.

We would love for you to experience our care.

Ankle and Ligaments

Professional Services

Helping You Feel Good
To provide results-oriented, consistent and thorough care in an enjoyable and friendly setting.

Toe nails being trimmed by a podiatrist. Sterile equipment and gloves on
A custom foot orthotic being fitted to a persons' bare foot.
A Doppler. used to determine blood flow to the feet

Nail and Skin Care

A Special Nip and Tuck

Orthoses and Innersoles

Walk Tall

Specialised Assessments

Vascular, Neurological, Biomechanical

A hand saw and a block of wood, parodying toe nail surgery.
Both feet, seen from the bottom, with red shading idicating painful areas
A foot dangling with a podiatrist holding a syringe and needle, injecting anaesthetic as part of prolotherapy

Nail Surgery

Everyone has Survived

Specialised Pain Treatment

Laser, Ultrasound, Strapping, Stretching

Injection Therapy

Take the Pain Away, Straight Away.

No needles is optional (yes, seriously!)

Contact Silver Podiatry

868 Beaufort Street, Inglewood WA 6052

We are located diagonally across from Woolworths.

Our opening hours can vary.
Monday: Please call

Tuesday: 7.20am - 7pm

Wednesday: 7.40am - 7pm

Thursday: 7.20am - 7pm

Friday: 9.00am - 3pm

P: 93702544

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