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Injection Therapy

It will sting, but only for a moment, then... nothing.

Not everything can be treated with orthotics, strapping or other therapies, and often conditions will require more than one treatment.

We offer a safe alternative to corticosteroid injections, most commonly a local anaesthetic, saline or dextrose often in combination. This numbs the area, rehydrates the soft tissue, and separates adhesions which may be the cause of foot pain. This has become remarkably popular at the moment, as it provides very fast relief which can be long-lasting. 

It is commonly used it the following conditions:

  • Nerve blocks

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome

  • Morton's neuromas

  • Scar tissue release


We now make use of the Comfort-In Needle-Free Injector.

A needle-free injector is a medical device that uses high-pressure to deliver anaesthetic or other fluid (such as insulin) through the skin without the use of a needle. Instead of a needle, the injector uses a high-velocity jet of liquid to penetrate the skin and deposit the medication into the underlying tissue. In some instances, using this device is enough for us to perform whatever is required, and it can be used to numb the area prior to needle usage.

See our Blog on this here.

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