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Orthoses and Innersoles

One Size Does Not Fit All, so what is best for your feet? Take a look at where your feet are and where they should be.

Insole prescription
Sometimes it is more cost-effective to trial a simple device to test biomechanical theories. Occasionally, a simple innersole is all that is required to relieve your foot issues. We stock only high quality thermoplastic innersoles that can be heat-moulded to your feet. Adult and kids sizes are available. The costs do vary depending on the product.

Orthotics casting and manufacture
Biomechanics are one of Elan's favourite duties. While at University, he authored a podiatry biomechanics website and interactive CD on the topic... for fun.
With extensive training in the field (degrees in podiatry, chiropractic and anatomy and human biology), your feet could not be in safer hands.
Elan always goes through the correctional options with you, and then leaves it to you to sort through the pros and cons of each therapy. He will always work with you no matter which therapy you choose.
We cast for custom orthotics, including the EVA (rubbery), polypropylene (plasticy) and carbon fibre (space-agey). Samples are available for you to see.
Our orthotics are the highest quality - we almost exclusively cover them in 3mm spenco (wet-suit material) for the ultimate in comfort, and most have a heel post, making them that more stable.
The costs involved are $400-$550, but will vary depending on material, design and your needs. The casting and actual orthotics are partially covered by most private health funds.

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