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Specialised Pain Treatment

Don't be scared. This won't hurt a bit...
Considering Laser, Ultrasound, Massage, Strapping

Physical therapy (stretching, mobilisation, manipulation)
This is an area that is often forgotten in podiatry treatments. We can isolate muscles and massage and/or stretch them to help you feel and walk better.
Soft tissue work allows your body to work more efficiently and less painfully.
Elan and Sarah will give you stretches and exercises to perform in isolation or with other treatments such as strapping or orthotics to get your body working as it should.
We also help people with swollen legs, ankles and feet. Starting with massage, we can help move some fluid out from the legs, and provide and fit light compression socks.
Both Elan and Sarah have training and experience using elasticised strapping tape (for example Rocktape), and can apply it with good effect.

Electrotherapy (Laser, TENS, ultrasound application)
Chronic musculoskeletal pain sometimes requires a more technical approach.

We have added a 1-Watt 808nm Laser for superficial and deep tissue treatment. This multi-modal laser is designed to treat skin and nail conditions such as fungal nail, wounds, and superficial veins, but also it is strong enough to penetrate to the deeper tissues of the Achilles and Plantar fascia.

We have available a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit to use in-office and you may even hire one for home therapy. The TENS unit applies an electrical current that works under the skin, and can stimulate the muscle. The units can assist greatly with reducing pain sensation.
We now also have a therapeutic ultrasound machine, which will aid superficial and deep soft-tissue injuries to heal faster.

Acupuncture & dry needling
Elan is qualified to perform acupuncture and dry needling below the knee.
These treatments can relieve muscles that are in spasm, and we have had good effect with Parkinson's symptoms and peripheral neuropathy.
Heel pain also responds quite well. In addition to using needles, we perform soft-tissue treatments as an adjunct therapy.
Many people are hesitant to have needles stuck in them, however musculoskeletal issues can often resolve much quicker with these treatments. The needles we use are ultra-thin, and many people do not describe any pain during needle insertion - most describe it is a pressure sensation.

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