Services We Offer:


Podiatrists are the foot care professionals; they are trained to deal with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of medical and surgical conditions of the feet and lower limbs.

At Silver Podiatry, we can help you with the following:

Nail cutting and Skin care

It is considerably easier for someone sitting at the other end of your legs to trim your nails comfortably and accurately - let us do it for you.
Many of our patients have described our treatments to be amongst the most comfortable they've received.
Corns and callus are reduced to your satisfaction, and if you like your toenails left a bit longer or prefer them short, that's what you shall get.
Thickened nails are debulked, nail edges filed and cream applied if you like.

Diabetes Foot Assessments
We check your blood supply, nerve supply and general biomechanics to get a baseline for future comparison. A letter is sent to your GP for their records.

Neurological and vascular assessments
If you have concerns with any issues, we can assist. For example, differentiating between chilblains and Raynaud's.

Lower-limb biomechanical assessments
Determining any deviations from the norm which may need addressing; looking for mirror symmetry.

Diagnosis and treatment of foot pain
Most of the time we agree that amputation has a 100% success rate.

Gait assessment
...but every time we get a person to walk they will subtly change their gate. Nonetheless, we have a great catwalk in the new office.

Insole prescription
Sometimes it is more cost-effective to trial a simple device to test biomechanical theories. Sometimes, a simple innersole is all that is required to relieve your foot issues. We stock only high quality thermoplastic innersoles that can be heat-moulded to your feet. Adult and kids sizes are available. The costs do vary depending on the product.

Orthotics casting and manufacture
Biomechanics are one of Elan's favourite duties. While at University, he authored a podiatry biomechanics website and interactive CD on the topic... for fun.
With extensive training in the field (degrees in podiatry, chiropractic and anatomy and human biology), your feet could not be in safer hands.
Elan always goes through the correctional options with you, and then leaves it to you to sort through the pros and cons of each therapy. He will always work with you no matter which therapy you choose.
We cast for custom orthotics, including the EVA (rubbery), polypropylene (plasticy) and carbon fibre (space-agey). Samples are available for you to see.
Our orthotics are the highest quality - we almost exclusively cover them in 3mm spenco (wet-suit material) for the ultimate in comfort, and most have a heel post, making them that more stable.
The costs involved are $400-$550, but will vary depending on material, design and your needs. The casting and actual orthotics are partially covered by most private health funds.

Wound assessment and dressing
Elan is considered a high-risk podiatrist, and has over a decade of experience in this field. 

Pressure offloading techniques
Have a sore spot on your foot? We can pad around the area, usually under the footbed of the shoe to keep you going.

Nail surgery
A good surgeon knows when to not perform surgery.
Elan is excellent at removing ingrowing toenails without surgery. However, if a nail is particularly bad, he can and will perform surgery on the nail to remove the offending part either permanently or help the nail grown back.
Surgery is performed in the rooms, and usually takes about 30 minutes. Anaesthetic is provided, and post-op dressings.
Elan has an excellent success rate with nail surgery.

Acupuncture & dry needling

Elan is qualified to perform acupuncture and dry needling below the knee.
These treatments can relieve muscles that are in spasm, and we have had good effect with Parkinson's symptoms and peripheral neuropathy.
Heel pain also responds quite well. In addition to using needles, we perform soft-tissue treatments as an adjunct therapy.
Many people are hesitant to have needles stuck in them, however musculoskeletal issues can often resolve much quicker with these treatments. The needles we use are ultra-thin, and many people do not describe any pain during needle insertion - most describe it is a pressure sensation.
Footcare education

Footwear assessment and education
We can help you pick a shoe that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing by providing advice.

Manufacture and dispensing of digital and foot devices (eg toe guards and toe props)
We use foam, felt and silicone devices.

Physical therapy (stretching, mobilisation, manipulation)
This is an area that is often forgotten in podiatry treatments. We can isolate muscles and massage and/or stretch them to help you feel and walk better.
Soft tissue work allows your body to work more efficiently and less painfully.
Elan and Sarah will give you stretches and exercises to perform in isolation or with other treatments such as strapping or orthotics to get your body working as it should.
We also help people with swollen legs, ankles and feet. Starting with massage, we can help move some fluid out from the legs, and provide and fit light compression socks.
Both Elan and Sarah have training and experience using elasticised strapping tape (for example Rocktape), and can apply it with good effect.

Electrotherapy (TENS, ultrasound application)
Chronic musculoskeletal pain sometimes requires a more technical approach.
We have available a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit to use in-office and you may even hire one for home therapy. The TENS unit applies an electrical current that works under the skin, and can stimulate the muscle. The units can assist greatly with reducing pain sensation.
We now also have a therapeutic ultrasound machine, which will aid superficial and deep soft-tissue injuries to heal faster.

... and yes, we can refer your for X-Rays radiographs and ultrasound imaging if necessary.


We are here to help you as much as possible.

Part of the treatment is helping you understand what is going on with your feet, as we believe that to be half the cure.

The other half is talking about what ever is on Elan's mind, which is mostly based on luck.

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